How to Have a healthy diet?

Various studies have shown that each person’s perception of healthy eating differs. It varies significantly from one region to another or from one...


Intestinal worm infection

Intestinal worm infection      Symptoms and causes     Diagnosis and treatment General description Pinworm infection is the most common type of intestinal...


MALT gastric lymphoma

MALT gastric lymphoma Gastric MALT lymphoma Marginal zone lymphomas of the MALT type are B-cell neoplasms involving extranodal tissues and lazy clinical...


Spiked cradle syndrome

Spiked cradle syndrome Some parents have told us several times that when they try to put their child in the crib, he wakes up crying as soon as they support...

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The benefits of jojoba oil

How should jojoba oil be used? “Thanks to its composition rich in vitamins E and B, and minerals such as zinc and copper, it is recommended for all skin...


How is dry eye diagnosed?

Based on the results of the anamnesis, the examinations and the tests indicated, the severity of the condition22 and the worker’s work aptitude for the...


dry eye in ancient times

A bibliographic review on dry eye syndrome was carried out, including its classification, diagnosis, and treatment. It was taken into account that it...

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How many people are affected by Dry Eye Syndrome?

How many people are affected by Dry Eye Syndrome?

The labor conflict generated by SOS is noteworthy. In 2007 CY Lu and others studied the relationship between these worker complaints and indoor air characteristics, using measurements of oxidative stress reported by urinary 8hydroxydeoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) in 389 government office employees. The results showed that urinary 8-OHdG had significant associations with volatile organic compounds, with carbon dioxide levels in the workplace and urinary cotinine levels. The mean level of urinary 8-OHdG was significantly higher in participants with symptoms of sick building syndrome...

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mushrooms and Fungi

Healthy mushrooms and fungi. medicinal properties Mushrooms and Mushrooms have a lot to contribute to us. In no time, the harvest season will decorate the...


fresh mushrooms

Shiitake are the number one mushroom in East Asia. They have been used there for a long time as food and as a remedy. Over time, these Asian mushrooms have...


Mushrooms, the delicacy of autumn

Summer has already come to an end and, with this, we say goodbye to some refreshing meals that have accompanied us during these months, such as gazpacho or...


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autumnal asthenia

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