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best watches to buy right now !

best watches to buy right now !

We have to review what we miss in the closet at each change of season to take advantage of the novelties that trends bring with them and get everything we want. A striped T-shirt, maybe? Or that overshirt that can get you out of a tight spot at any moment? It is possible that one of the things that do not even cross our minds is to review that element that defines a man’s taste. You may not believe it, but a (good) watch can make the difference between an everyday look and a stylish one. For this reason, it is convenient to know what the novelties of the season are, to make a tune-up, and, worth the simile, to put on time that collection of classic watches that will never go out of style.

You can throw the house for sale or not. Because, as in everything, there are watches for all tastes … and all budgets. But among the infinity of models with which you can make yourself, we propose 24 novelties of the most desirable for this season: reissues of some of the great classics of luxury watchmakers, with light, submersible, travel-inspired, or gifted straps with the latest technology. There is something for everyone, like the colors. And these, precisely, are a factor to take into account when choosing them: since with the arrival of the heat, perhaps the time has come to opt for a refreshing option that you can take everywhere. As we know that time is money, we are going to make it easy for you. Below you will find a complete selection of the best on the market. If you opt for one, you can never have an excuse for being late. Discover all that these modern classics can do for your style and get it multiplied by three when you finally decide to dress your doll.


Let your style submerge in the depths of the sea thanks to the new Khaki Scuba Automatic from Hamilton: a timepiece inspired by classic diver’s watches. It features a 43mm case, improved water resistance to 300m, and an ultra-legible dial that makes it the best companion for summer days. Additionally, this particular model features a black ceramic bezel with a matching rubber strap. Precision, robustness, and stability. What else can you ask for from this watch? On sale for 945 euros.


He has just come of age and wants to celebrate it properly. The Aquaracer Professional 300 Ibiza Limited Edition by Tag Heuer (2,850 euros) is the latest version of this classic diver’s watch. It is the heir to the 1000 and 2000 Series that was born in the 80s, but with a plus: it can cope perfectly in any situation … thanks to the blue color of its dial and the black of its bezel that puts the stamp of distinction on a clock made of titanium. And there is even more: you are looking at the brand new limited edition of 20 pieces that the brand has launched on the occasion of the reopening of its boutique in Marina Ibiza. A collector’s chronograph whose case has been designed by the Malloquin painter Sebastian Marc Graham. What more can you ask for in summer?


Stay with his face … and with those orange details because the Rolex Explorer II watch (8,100 euros) promises to become the sensation in men’s watches of the season. It is the new version created by the watchmaker back in 1971 to be used by cavers. Thanks to its 24-hour scale, they were able to tell if it was day or night. Somewhat complicated when they entered the caves. Today, this timepiece is crying out for you to be seen.


Tissot was born as an innovative brand and, little by little, it gained ground in the market thanks to its price-quality ratio. Most of its models are made with top-of-the-line materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, gold, and even PDV (Vapor Deposition) coating, something very new in the field.

In addition to having original designs, this brand guarantees accuracy and is in charge of timing the NBA, the Tour de France, the Superbike World Championship, the European Rugby Champions Cup, and the Ice Hockey Challenge Cup. Among others.


The Japanese company Seiko is known for offering completely authentic oriental parts. The good thing about this brand is that it offers models in all price ranges, so we can find very exclusive options and others more accessible, with the same engineering quality.

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Seiko is very popular because no one doubts the shock and water resistance of these automatic watches.

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