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best men’s watches

best men's watches

By nature, the watch is a tangible symbol of elegance: it projects the character and style and is an excellent complement to the wardrobe. When choosing it, it is essential to consider the personality of the person who is going to wear it and their habits. We tell you some excellent options and models of the best watch brands.

Today, this article has become essential in the masculine look and has become an accessory that is changed according to the occasion to adapt to different situations and moments of the day.

best watch brands

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Men’s watches are big and sturdy. There are multiple options, so the selection is wide: from a sports one with a second hand and stopwatch or the innovative smartwatches to executive, sober and elegant models.
Best men’s watch brands

The first thing to look at when buying a watch is the brand because there are firms that by themselves reflect sophistication and guarantee years of durability. We tell you which are the best brands of men’s watches.


Without a doubt, Rolex is the first on the list. While it is a classic, it is still an excellent option for those who want a stunning watch. The key to the success of this brand is that it works as a status symbol and is of very high quality; for example, all its models are resistant to dust and water, are made of stainless steel, and change the date automatically.

However, they are costly parts of high quality and efficiency. Therefore it is not easy to have one. Therefore, although it is the best brand globally, most people prefer to opt for other more accessible ones. Find your Rolex in Mercado Libre.


This is the house that invented the wristwatch, so it is impossible not to mention it. While it may sound feminine, this watch brand has beautiful men’s models that stand out primarily for their design quality. A Cartier watch represents luxury, elegance, and fine engineering.

They have super innovative lines and play a lot with unconventional shapes. As in the case of Rolex, this is an expensive option, but it makes watch fans around the world sigh.


They say it is an off-road watch. And not only that, because the new Breitling proposal – the Super Chronomat B01 44 – is inspired by the Free Tricolor model that this watchmaker created in 1983. A high-flying timepiece that does not lack detail. It is made of stainless steel, has a power reserve of about 70 hours, and is waterproof up to pressures of 200 meters. His 44mm case displays Breitling know-how: hour, minute, second, and date window indicators. Ah! And that’s not all: the moving indexes on the bezel protect the sapphire crystal. In addition, those located at 3 and 9 o’clock are interchangeable so that you can use them as a countdown or forward. It is on sale for 8,500 euros.

best men’s watches

The sun king of clocks. And we know what we say. Lacoste lands this season with a novelty that promises to stir the most eco-conscious consciences: he has just launched the 12.12 Solar model, a limited edition watch that does not use a battery; It uses a solar panel that is placed under its sphere to transform any light into energy to allow it to work. In addition, the Watches division of the firm has wanted to draw on symbols to make this clock unique: it is made with 1496 pieces, that is, the distance between the sun and the earth in millions of kilometers. And there is even more: it is made of vegan leather and bioplastic, an alternative to industrial plastics with all the sporty elegance of the famous French house. On sale for 203 euros at El Corte Inglés.

Tag Heuer

In a medium price range, we can find Tag Heuer that is among the top of the best watches in the world, although they are less expensive than the previous ones. This company is Swiss and, true to its reputation manufactures high-quality models with unmatched precision.

Although they are still a luxury piece, their models are sporty and have very accurate clocks. They are very resistant, so they are chosen by urban, modern, and original men.

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