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all about keanu reeves

Keanu‘s name is Hawaiian and means “cool breeze over the mountains.” She is entitled to British citizenship through her mother, and Canadian citizenship by naturalization.


Bass player in the pop music group Dogstar, with whom he tours and records two albums, Our Little Visionary and Quattro Fromaggi.


When he was residing in Canada he decided to abandon conventional studies to enroll in a drama school. A year later he was expelled from the center due to his rebellious and undisciplined character and his lack of concentration in his studies. After the incident and as a consequence of his father’s abandonment of the home, he was forced to work as a photographer, mechanic and logger.
At the age of 18 he appeared on the television broadcast “Going Great” and in the mid-1980s he made his debut in Canadian cinema with the film “One Step Away” (1985) by Robert Fortier.

His first Hollywood title was “Youngblood” (1986), a drama directed by Peter Markle starring Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe.

With “Sadistic Instinct” (1986), a film made by Tim Hunter, Keanu achieved one of his first important roles.

In 1988 he achieved international popularity by participating in “Dangerous Friendships” (1988), a successful adaptation of the work of Choderlos de Laclos directed by Stephen Frears.

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Reeves managed to establish his mark on Hollywood with …
“The Amazing Adventures Of Bill and Ted” (1989) by Stephen Herek
“I’ll Love You Until I Kill You” (1990), black comedy directed by Lawrence Kasdan
“They Call Him Bodhi” (1991) by Kathryn Bigelow
“My Private Idaho” (1991), a drama directed by Gus Van Sant in which Keanu co-starred with his good friend River Phoenix.

His career in the 90s, with commercial successes such as “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” (1992) by Francis Ford Coppola, “Speed: Maximum Power” (1994) by Jan de Bont, and “The Matrix” (1999), a thriller sci-fi directed by Andy and Larry Wachowski, managed to elevate him to star status playing Neo.
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In the romantic story “La Casa Del Lago” (2006) he intervened alongside Sandra Bullock.

The same year he starred in “A Scanner Darkly” (2006), a science fiction film based on a text by Philip K. Dick.

keanu-reeves-premiereIn “Dueños De La Calle” (2008) he played Tom Ludlow, a Los Angeles police officer depressed by the death of his wife and in search of the murderer of one of his companions.
In “Ultimatum to Earth” (2008) he was the alien Klaatu.

He made his debut as a feature film director with the martial arts film “El Poder Del Tai Chi” (2013). A year later he played the hit man “John Wick” (2014).

He later he reprized this role in “John Wick: Blood Pact” (2017) and “John Wick – Chapter 3: Parabellum” (2019).

In “The Neon Demon” (2016), a film about competition between top models, he ran a motel where Elle Fanning was staying.

In 2018 he released “Siberia”, a thriller in which Keanu played a diamond dealer.

In 2020 he starred with Alex Winter in the comedy “Bill and Ted Save the Universe” (2020).

What does Keanu Reeves prepare?

He is currently preparing the TV series “Rain”.
For the cinema he shoots “Matrix Resurrections”, “John Wick 4” and “Past Midnight”.

Regardless of his acting career, the actor’s sexual tendencies were in the limelight for a time, especially when it was rumored that he had married the famous Warner businessman, David Geffen.
When he was filming “The Matrix” he had a romantic relationship with his co-star Carrie-Anne Moss (born 1967).
One of his ex-girlfriends, actress Jennifer Syme (1972), died in a traffic accident in April 2001 at the age of 28.
A year earlier, Keanu and Jennifer lost their daughter Ava to a stillbirth.
Reeves was later a partner of the blonde British interpreter Amanda de Cadenet (“Broken Dreams”, born 1972), ex-wife of John Taylor, the member of the musical group Duran Duran.
Later, he was the boyfriend of actress Autumn Macintosh (“Susan’s Plan”) and he was rumored to have a relationship with Diane Keaton (1946), his co-star in “When You Expect It Less.”
Other partners of the actor were Lynn Collins, actress seen in “50 First Dating” or “The Merchant Of Venice”, Hallie Meyer-Shyer, Parker Posey, China Chow and Trinity Woodall.
Since November 2019, his girlfriend is Alexandra Grant.

Keanu’s main hobbies are motorcycles, cars, surfing, ballroom dancing, horseback riding and rock, a music hobby that he experiences live playing bass in his rock group Dogstar.

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