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The best mushrooms for cooking and their properties

The best mushrooms for cooking and their properties

Autumn is the season for mushrooms, and it is not uncommon for us to see mushroom hunters with baskets in hand looking for this garnish that is not only delicious but also has magnificent health properties. And it is that although you have to be very careful in the selection of these mushrooms, as some are poisonous and even lethal, mushrooms are a culinary treasure since they have a very low caloric and carbohydrate content while providing a lot of minerals and vitamins.

The benefits of mushrooms

    They balance blood sugar. Thanks to their high fiber content, mushrooms help balance blood sugar levels.

    They prevent cancer. The selenium content of mushrooms takes on a fundamental role in the liver enzyme’s function, helping it detoxify certain compounds that can cause cancer.

    They benefit from the diet. Mushrooms have very few calories, which is why they are great in any weight loss diet. Mushrooms contain choline: an essential nutrient for body functions, such as muscle movement, the transmission of nerve impulses, maintenance of the structure of cell membranes, sleep, or memory.

    They prevent anemia. Mushrooms are a great source of iron and promote the formation of numerous red blood cells. Mushrooms contain a large amount of glutamic acid and help fight some infections, both bacterial and viral.

    They are antioxidants. The vitamin C content in mushrooms is very high, so they are an immense source of antioxidants.

    They strengthen the bones. Mushrooms are high in calcium, the essential nutrient when it comes to building and strengthening bones. Adding calcium to your diet will reduce osteoporosis and joint pain, among many other benefits for your bones.

The best mushrooms for cooking and their properties

There are many species of mushrooms and various ways of cooking them to get the most out of them. From MujerdeElite, we show you the best mushrooms for cooking and their properties.

1. The boletus. They are perhaps the most identifiable and valued mushrooms, and they are very aromatic mushrooms with a smooth texture, a delicacy that can give flavor and color to a multitude of dishes. In addition, mushrooms have a high protein content that will help you to be healthy in your day today.

2. The mushroom. This is perhaps one of the most commercial mushrooms, and that is, we can have mushrooms practically throughout the year since it is easily reared in nurseries. The mushroom can be of different sizes and is clearer the younger it is. Among the benefits of this mushroom, as in so many others, is the large number of mineral salts it contains. To keep the mushrooms fresh for several days, store them in the fridge covered with moistened kitchen paper.

Photo Kitchen with mushrooms, high mineral content, and few calories

Mushrooms – Genres

3. The chanterelle. This mushroom is one of the most valued, as its life is limited to a few months, and it is increasingly difficult to find in the fields. The chanterelle gives a special flavor to all kinds of stews and is characteristic of its orange color, sometimes stained with green dots.

4. Thistle mushroom. This mushroom has a sweet taste, and its aroma is mild. The most characteristic thing about the thistle mushroom is the large amount of water it contains, and that is why it satisfies you and hydrates you simultaneously. In addition, it has a high contribution of vitamin B, which helps maintain healthy skin.

5. Black truffle. Its aroma is very intense and very varied. But the benefits of the black truffle are so many that they also apply to the skin. Its high content of vitamins has led to Trufa therapy, recommended for all skin types, making you shine with your light.

    Complete nutritional contribution: Mushrooms and mushrooms are low in calories, cholesterol, and fat; they also contain antioxidants and dietary fibers; all these properties make these foods highly recommended.

    Rich in vitamins: These foods are rich in B vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, folic acid, and pantothenic acid; they are also a natural source of vitamin D.

    Rich in minerals: Mushrooms and mushrooms are rich in minerals such as copper, iron, potassium, and selenium that are difficult to obtain in other foods.

    Contribution to weight control: Thanks to its nutritional qualities, it has been discovered that the implementation of edible mushrooms and mushrooms in the diet helps weight loss; a study has recently been carried out in which a control group with overweight people near the age of 50, they were given a diet in which they were replaced used red meat for a daily cup of mushrooms, the result of the study not only found a weight loss compared to people who consumed meat products in their usual diet, it also reflected that this improvement occurred in control groups that consumed other types of diets without mushrooms. In total, the participants of this experiment carried out for 1 year and published by the scientific journal FASEB journal lost an average of 3.6% of their body mass.

    Choline: Mushrooms contain this powerful nutrient that is important for the proper functioning of various body functions such as the transmission of nerve impulses, sleep, muscle movement, the proper maintenance of the structure of cell membranes, learning, and memory.

    Anticancer agent: Mushrooms have a high concentration of antioxidants like some vegetables such as squash, beans, or carrots; these properties make them especially advisable in the prevention against this disease.

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