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Spiked cradle syndrome

Spiked cradle syndrome

Spiked cradle syndrome

Some parents have told us several times that when they try to put their child in the crib, he wakes up crying as soon as they support him. This is usually called the Syndrome of the spiked crib, but what happens to her is not anything serious, nor does her crib have something materially wrong.

Why does it happen?

The baby has spent about nine months on the move in her mother’s womb. There he has listened to our hearts, and he has constantly been swaying; he has even felt safe with the smell of his mother.

The moment of birth comes, and everything changes, even if we hold him in our arms all day, at night we like him to sleep peacefully in the crib, but they no longer feel the same protection as when they were in their mother’s belly.

Sometimes we think that they must have a radar to detect the crib because we believe that he is sound asleep, but he is not. When sleeping, there are two phases:

    REM phase: It is a short and deep sleep phase.

    Non-REM phase: Babies spend almost all of their hours asleep in this phase. It is a superficial sleep phase that allows the baby to react to any unpleasant or potentially dangerous change.

What can we do?

If our baby suffers from spiked cradle syndrome, it will help us a lot not to despair and try to empathize, and we have to understand that her behaviour is nothing more than a defence mechanism but other options can help us, such as:

    Choose an attachment doll with which they acquire the security.

    Co-sleeping with the baby in the same bed or in a crib attached to it, as long as we do it correctly.

    Wrap the child in muslin or scarf.

    Ambient the room: adequate ventilation, temperature around 20º, decoration in soft tones.

    Put on relaxing music.

Each family can find the best way to adapt to the situation and respect their child’s process. Nothing bad happens to them; they just want to be by our side while they sleep.

The mini crib has spikes! – Causes and tricks to solve it

I don’t know if it happens or has happened to your babies, but mine has had a hard time adjusting to the crib since he was born.

The first days I understood it because being tucked in the belly to adapt to the outside world must be difficult, and what better place than to be in Mom’s arms, snuggled up and warm.

When we got home, his first night, he slept in our bed with us because he did not want his mini crib; when we put him on his bed, sound asleep, it was to touch the sheet and wake up in 0.2. It looked like the cradle had spikes!

Researching on the Internet, I discovered that it happens to many babies, and nothing happens to them; they have the «Syndrome of the cradle with spikes.»

Babies are nine months inside the mother’s belly, warm, constant movement; that’s why they like so much to fall asleep in her arms and rock them. Also, in a small space, so as soon as we leave them in their bed, big, cold and still, they notice it and wake up, complain, and cry.

I tell you a trick that has worked for me so that they do not wake up, well one, not two! I’m throwing it! LOL.

First, wrap it up. When you think your baby is fast asleep, wrap him in a blanket as follows.

The second trick is to put a warm bag of seeds * in the crib, warming it first and when you go to put the baby to bed, place it very close so that he can feel the warmth.

Thus the baby believes that he is back in the womb, warm and “tight,” and will continue to sleep.

Test it!

You will see how it works for you and tell me!

You have spent two hours rocking your baby in your arms to make him fall asleep. He itches your back to rage, but you can’t afford to detach your arm from her little body. Your guts roar with hunger, and you tell them in a low voice to stop that you don’t want to start the ritual again, so they close their eyes again. And just at that precise moment when you jump into the pool, playing it all double or nothing, and gently accommodate him in his crib, crib, stroller or wherever he is going to spend the night or take a nap … Noooo! He again opens his small eyes as if wanting to tell you: “I don’t like sleeping alone.”

Spiked cradle syndrome

If you have lived this situation hundreds of times, you are not alone. 😉 In fact, I don’t know almost any family that hasn’t been through this. But it despairs, and a lot. You wonder if your child is the only baby in the world who does not sleep in his crib, while exhaustion takes its toll on you and you don’t know how to deal with the situation. You need that the next time you try to lay him down, he is still sound asleep, as he is in your arms.

Why do babies wake up so much when you lay them down?

Simply because they are happy and very sharp, they sit in our arms. They need physical contact to be able to sleep, even movement. They have been in mommy’s womb for about forty weeks, and now we pretend they sleep alone in a crib.

    Sure, she’s gotten used to arms.

No. They are already born accustomed;)

It is a survival mechanism. The young of many species of mammals remain attached to their mothers 24 hours a day. Only those that stray end up dying attacked by other animals.

How do I get my baby to sleep?

Whether with a scarf or an ergonomic backpack, Carrying is a great way for your baby to rest what she needs. It allows you to wear it close to your chest while doing housework, eating, or even going outside.

Co-sleeping with him (sleeping in the same bed) is also a good option, although you must be convinced and not fear for his physical integrity: you are not going to crush him.

You can also add a crib to your bed (the so-called co-sleeping cribs) and allow him to stick to you what he needs, although with the comfort that he has his space and you yours.

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