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Diagnosis of cat eye syndrome

What is cat eye syndrome? Cat-eye syndrome, Orphanet explains, is a rare disease. This is because its prevalence is low, below 1 in 150,000 newborns, affecting...


mushrooms and Fungi

Healthy mushrooms and fungi. medicinal properties Mushrooms and Mushrooms have a lot to contribute to us. In no time, the harvest season will decorate the...


fresh mushrooms

Shiitake are the number one mushroom in East Asia. They have been used there for a long time as food and as a remedy. Over time, these Asian mushrooms have...


Mushrooms, the delicacy of autumn

Summer has already come to an end and, with this, we say goodbye to some refreshing meals that have accompanied us during these months, such as gazpacho or...


symptoms of autumnal Asthenia

The arrival of autumn can put our vitality to the test, lowering our defences and causing joint pain. The atmospheric changes typical of this period, such as...

Beauty Health

crossfit and Paleo Diet

So, do you think it is difficult to plan weekly menus following the paleo diet? Not really, since it can be applied to new and traditional dishes creating a...