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What are the benefits of the Paleo diet?

I suppose that now you will be thinking a little about everything they had told us so far and that we had accepted as good and this new information that dismantles everything. I hope that it makes you think about it and even that you undertake a search on your own to finish convincing you.

For now, I am going to give you a summary of the benefits for your health.

Normoglycemia. The fact of not consuming foods with high amounts of sugar, the peaks of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia are avoided. Relative to a more stable blood sugar level, there is better energy because you don't feel the "crash," and your mood improves.
Avoid auto-immunity diseases. Auto-immunity is a process in which our immune system "attacks" us. Among all the diseases that can develop of this nature, apparently unrelated, they share a common cause: damage to the intestinal mucosa. This type of diet seeks good health of the digestions, particularly your whole body in general, the risk of auto-immune diseases is decreased.
It decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Being at your weight and not having excess fat means that you are no longer at risk of suffering from these types of diseases.
Lose weight and stay on it. It turns out that by eating with these guides, you stop accumulating fat. Today, this is a consequence of the excess sugar that is consumed in general.
Satiety. As it recommends that you eat until you are satiated and eat again when you are hungry, it is not a matter of weighing food strictly; it helps you feel full until the next meal and prevents you from snacking between meals.
Improve sleep patterns. Because internally, everything has been much more stable and controlled.
Reduces inflammation. As the food consumed does not cause inflammation; consequently, a reduction in inflammation, in general, is achieved.
Improves the condition of the skin. With fewer chemicals, sugars, bad fats and salt, and more fruits and vegetables, the change is also noticeable in the skin state that is lower in acne and softer and smoother.

How to put a paleo life into practice?

Now that we know the bases of a diet based on the Stone Age, its ideology, what to eat, what to avoid … The most difficult thing is missing: putting it into practice living in the 21st century.

First of all, and where many people find it the most difficult: breakfast. You stop to think about what you consume now. Surely some toast with a coffee with milk, or a sandwich with a tetra brick juice, or muesli with yogurt, or some rice cakes, or some oatmeal crepes and a cut with soy milk … And now you realize that nothing of that fits into the Paleolithic diet and on top of that you thought you were taking care of yourself.
Benefit in glucose tolerance

One of the aspects of the paleo diet is reducing the number of calories consumed but increasing its quality. This directly translates into an improvement in blood glucose levels and the elimination of fat in it.

Although you will continue to eat meat and fats, these will be natural and of good quality. Therefore, you will obtain the benefits you need without adding problems to your health.

This was verified in a study that compared the change in people who followed the Mediterranean diet and adopted the paleo diet. Body fat was also seen to decrease, and a healthier weight was achieved, up to 5 kilos less.
Blood pressure reduction

Another study found that in addition to helping you lose pounds, the paleo diet also lowers systolic pressure. This is good news if your doctor has recommended monitoring it or if you are already having serious problems with it.

Of course, remember that to maintain the effect, it is necessary to understand what the paleo diet consists of and follow it for a long time. Much of this effect is because salt is one of the discarded foods in this diet.
Fat reduction
The dangers of having belly fat

Another of the studies that have been done to understand what the paleo diet consists of showed that cells and internal organs detoxify and reduce the amount of accumulated fat.

This means less disease, inflammation, and problems related to metabolic syndrome.

You will notice the effect on the loss of centimeters in your waist measurements. In the specific case of the study, a loss of 4.5 kg in body weight, a reduction in cholesterol, serum glucose, and pressure was detected.

We recommend you read: Treatment of the metabolic syndrome.

Follow the paleo diet

Although we have cited relevant studies, there are some things you should take into account before following this diet:

The results are not decisive as there are not yet too many studies carried out. This means that there might be negatives that we still don't know about. However, following this diet with a review by your nutritionist is still a good option.
 You should always take into account your physical and medical condition. When adopting the paleo diet, it is normal that you suddenly find yourself with dizziness and some other physical discomfort.

Although you must learn to recognize them to act in time, they are normal. These are due to the elimination of carbohydrates and sugars, among others.

 It will not always be easy to carry, basically because today's world is not designed for the life of thousands of years ago. This implies that you will have to learn to make smart decisions about what you eat, when, and where.

Is the paleo diet worth it?

Yes, as long as you do it with the supervision of a health or nutrition expert. Remember that some people must avoid meats for medical reasons (those with kidney disease, for example).
It is one of the most difficult moments of this diet because we have become used to eating very different foods for breakfast than those for lunch or dinner, and in reality, it should not be like that. The most important thing is to eat quality food that is good for the well-being of our body regardless of the time of day.

Options for breakfast: blanched eggs, grilled, omelet, hard-boiled … accompanied with half an avocado and some fruit. If you can not come with the flavor, the best coffee without milk and sweetener, switch to the infusions that are softer to consume without adding sweeteners, even if they are natural. This is just one option, you have to give it a little thought, and you will see how you will find menus within this diet.

For the rest of the meals. If you normally eat rice, pasta, or legumes, thinking that you need energy, you will now substitute those portions for vegetables. There are dozens of different seasonal vegetables, and variety is the taste.

And this is the same pattern you should follow for dinners, although it is usually the least difficult point to change because many people already eat a “low carb” dinner.

As for the times you go out. We socialize and relate to others, and following the Paleolithic diet should not be an inconvenience. I leave you this article on how to skip the paleo diet when you have no choice.

Just use common sense. If it is very often when you go out to eat, try to make the best choice to stay within the ideology of the diet. If you go out little, we all deserve a treat and eat a pizza, and ice cream, a paella … it will not end you, but quite the opposite, learn to enjoy it and after the event, resume your good habits.

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