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Healthy, smooth and radiant skin will help you look more beautiful and make you enjoy more health. To achieve this goal, the most crucial thing will be that your face has the necessary hydration, so we recommend you learn how to make moisturizing masks for the face.

Does the day-to-day make tiredness accentuate on your face? In this case, we help you with a homemade mask to remove dark circles. You will need to:

    One tomato (packed with antioxidant properties perfect for the skin)

    One lemon (the quintessential whitening food)

    One blender or mixer

Once you have the ingredients, follow these instructions:

    Squeeze the lemon and put the juice together with the tomato (peeled) in the blender.

    When everything is mixed and liquid, pour it into a bowl.

    Apply the mixture around your eyes for 5 minutes.

    After this time, you can remove the ingredients with cold water.

How to look prettier without makeup

Do you know that large amounts of makeup are not necessary to look pretty? Our natural beauty can be fostered in a thousand ways, so if you want to look prettier without makeup, consider these tips:

    Remove makeup from your face before going to sleep: this will prevent your skin from absorbing makeup, becoming irritated, and darkening.

    Find the right products for your skin: whether you have oily or dry skin or if your primary problem is acne, use only quality products that serve to remedy these disorders. Get a good moisturizer and make sure your face does not miss the daily dose.

    Exfoliate Your Lips: Lips are one of the sexiest parts of the body, so be sure to exfoliate and hydrate them well to keep them looking soft and plump. In this other oneHOWTO article, we explain how to take care of your lips step by step.

    Lengthen your lashes: for a more intense, sensual, and attractive look, learn How to lengthen lashes naturally.

    Eat healthily: a poor diet can affect the health of your skin, so make sure you eat a balanced diet and drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

How to look prettier with makeup

While it is true that looking natural may be the best option for you, there is no doubt that makeup will always help us to look more handsome and prettier. If you want to start looking prettier quickly, follow these tips:

    Foundation and Contouring: Using a makeup sponge, apply a foundation of your skin tone evenly all over your face. This color must match your skin tone. Otherwise, it would look unnatural. If you want to highlight the most attractive areas of your face and hide imperfections, contouring can be your best ally. In this article, we explain how to contour the face.

    Eyes and brows use black eyeliner on the upper eyelid to give depth to the look and fill in your brows if they look depopulated. Once again, it will be essential that you get the exact tone (or slightly softer) than your hair. Finally, apply some mascara to your lashes to give them volume.

    Cheeks: blush is a must if you want to give your cheeks a slight blush.

    Mouth: painting the lips properly is a much more complex art than it seems, so if you want to choose the perfect lipstick and the best technique, do not hesitate to visit this article on Types of lips and apply makeup.

From UNCOMO, we offer you three possible makeup styles depending on the color of your skin and your hair.

How to look prettier – How to look prettier with makeup

Look prettier by taking care of your eyebrows

Sometimes we do not notice the importance of the eyebrows on our face, and that is that they add more personality to the face and highlight the look and frame the eyes.

Bushy and shaped eyebrows will make you feel much more attractive and allow you to spend less time on your eye makeup since the eyebrows can provide everything your look needs. So that you know how to fix your eyebrows, how to apply makeup, and how to pluck them if necessary, from a HOWTO, we recommend a highly detailed and personalized article: get your perfect eyebrows to step by step

Eyebrow design

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. In that case, the eyebrows would be something like the curtains. The difference between well-defined eyebrows and ones that are not so well-defined for the face is impressive. No face makeup: without lining or contouring, you can look amazing only if you see a professional once a month.

Get rid of toxins

We are not only talking about detox but intense detoxification and from within. Water and a radical change in your not-so-healthy diet will make you change your skin, practically. You will look radiant, young man, il bright, clean, and generally in better health.


It is not only about smiling but about taking care of your smile. Go to the dentist regularly and make sure you pay attention to the hygiene of your mouth: brush your teeth three times a day. Teeth whitening is an option; however, it is always better to take care of your teeth rather than just make them look pretty.

Good haircut

Make sure you have a haircut that suits your face shape. It never hurts to change your look or do something completely different than the classic one. But yes, you must be sure that the final style is your thing. Round-shaped faces do not have the exact fit as square ones, and so on.

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