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muscle growth !

muscle growth !

Train 3 to 5 times a week

To gain muscle mass, it is essential that workouts are carried out regularly; it is recommended that this be 3 to 5 times a week, and the same muscle group is worked 1 to 2 times since muscle rest is essential for hypertrophy.

In this way, the instructor can indicate various types of training according to the person’s objective, is often recommended to perform ABC training for hypertrophy.

Eat foods rich in protein

To gain muscle mass, the person must have a healthy diet rich in proteins since they are responsible for maintaining muscle fibres and, consequently, are directly related to hypertrophy. In addition to increasing your protein intake, it is also important to consume good fats and more calories than you expend. Learn more about the diet to increase muscle mass.

Begin training with muscle exercises

It is vital that the training is carried out intensively, being recommended to start with a light warm-up, which can be through aerobic exercises or through the rapid repetition of a bodybuilding exercise that will be part of the day’s training.

After the bodybuilding training, it is recommended that an aerobic training be carried out, which will help increase metabolism and caloric expenditure, also favouring hypertrophy.

Change the routine every 4 to 5 weeks

It is essential that training alternate every 4 or 5 weeks to avoid muscle adaptation, interfering with the hypertrophy process. In addition, it is essential that after five weeks, the instructor evaluates the performance of the person and the progress he made and indicates the performance of other exercises and new training strategies.

Each exercise should be performed using 65% of the maximum load

The exercises should be performed using about 65% of the maximum load done in a single repetition. For example, when it is possible to do only one repetition of thigh extension with 30 kg to perform the entire exercise series, it is indicated that a weight of more or less than 20 kg is used to perform the complete series.

As the person goes through the training, it is typical for the 20 kg to feel lighter, so it is necessary to have a progressive increase since, in this way, it is possible to promote hypertrophy.
Somatomedin C, also known as IGF 1 or insulin-like growth factor 1, is an insulin-like hormone. This chemical substance stimulates the development of the human body’s tissues and, likewise, inhibits the breakdown of muscles. Therefore, it is perfect for promoting muscle hypertrophy.

Unlike testosterone, cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, is a catabolic hormone that damages muscles by extracting the proteins stored in them and transforming them into glucose. This hormone, which centuries ago ensured our survival, today is responsible for slowing down the growth of muscle mass. Try, as far as possible, to avoid stress to promote muscle hypertrophy.

What is the difference between hypertrophy and hyperplasia?

Hypertrophy involves developing the cross-section of the muscle fibre, which acquires volume without creating new cells. In contrast, hyperplasia involves an increase in the number of muscle fibres. Using the latter to gain muscle mass is quite controversial.

Hyperplasia describes a process during which organs and tissues grow thanks to the multiplication of cells. In muscle building, this phenomenon occurs as soon as the body fails to provide enough oxygen to the cells, which leads to cell division. However, sufficient evidence has not yet been done to understand its effects on humans fully. So what do most sports experts and doctors recommend for muscle growth? Hypertrophy is better than hyperplasia.


If you want to prioritize muscle development, it is better to train at the end of the day, with fewer repetitions and more weight. After exercise, you should always stretch. The right thing to do later would be to have dinner and go to bed.

It is advisable to alternate the muscle groups to exercise during the week. One day legs, another day arms, and another chest and back avoiding overtraining a group alone.

It is vital to use the proper form for each exercise. That’s why it’s best to exercise with a trainer who knows the right way to do it. In any case, it is advisable to seek advice from someone who has more experience. When the priority goal is muscle development, a higher caloric intake is required than when the goal is muscle definition.

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