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How to look prettier with the right clothes

Clothing can radically change the way we see ourselves, as it is a cover letter, a statement of intent that impacts even before we can say the first word.

If you wonder how to look prettier with the help of clothes, follow our advice:

Go for the basics: blue, white and black jeans, colored sweaters (without drawings or letters), basic T-shirts and shirts and a long brown, black or gray jacket. They are the basics that should never be missing in your wardrobe, as these allow you combinations that are as safe as they are attractive and modern. Add to your basic look some more risky accessories, and you will look incredible; from UNCOMO, we recommend a hat, large and striking earrings, or unique shoes.
Wear sweaters: to stylize and mark your figure more, bet on wearing wide sweaters inside the pants. Pair them with tall pants and a long coat to look like an accurate model.
Combine the clothes properly: for this step, it is not only essential to learn which colors combine best, but also which clothes hunt best with others; bet on wide sweaters, and short skirts, high pants, and long-sleeved shirts dress, and jumpsuits to avoid taking risks, etc. Discover the best 22 dresses that stylize the figure and dare with the most beautiful designs.
Please dress according to your measurements: you must adjust to your size to avoid discomfort and better stylize your body. Whether you are very tall or short, thin or chubby, you must learn what clothing fits best according to your body shape. For example, for the shorter ones, the best will be dressing up to the knee or short, fitted, and short skirts with A silhouette or straight. If you want to enhance your curves, wear narrow and straight skirts, high-waisted pants with tees inside, short jackets, and dresses fitted at the waist. If, on the contrary, you want to hide your figure, opt for dark or neutral tones and garments of your size. Do not resort to something very tight or excessively baggy, and avoid clothes with ruffles and fringes. The V-shaped neckline will be the best option, combined with straight pants.

How to style your hair simply to look prettier

The hairstyle frames our face and can favor our features, more or less depending on our decisions. Here are some tips on how to look prettier through hairstyle:

Nourish and hydrate your hair: it is clear, the first step will always be to have your hair well hydrated. Not only because you can wear a more beautiful mane, but because with well-groomed hair you can try many more hairstyles. The following Coconut Oil Hair Masks will help you find the best recipe for your hair.
Hairstyles for round faces: use the parting in the middle or a fringed fringe. Short hair without volume and clearing the temples will succeed, so do not hesitate to wear this style. As a hairstyle, we recommend a tied bun or a ponytail with the middle parting, very flat, and with volume in the back (you can card the ponytail or curl it).
Hairstyles for oval faces: side parting or short hair with bangs will be your best options; play with your hair and bet on a paraded half hair that falls on the temples and jaw (to lengthen the face). Velvet waves will be beautiful for this type of face. However, another hairstyle option for an oval face is back hair, gathered in a low bun or ponytail.
Hairstyles for elongated faces: medium hair is the safe bet, just by the height of the shoulders. As you prefer, it can be combined with a fringe or a parting in the middle or side. If you have long hair, be sure to take it very carefully and bet on putting it in high ponytails now and then.

Good haircut

Make sure you have a haircut that suits your face shape. It never hurts to change your look or do something completely different than the classic one. But yes, you must be sure that the final style is your thing. Round-shaped faces do not have the same shape as square ones, and so on.

Sleep well

When you sleep well, it shows. Both your skin and your body look different. It has been well said that sleeping poorly makes you fat, so the benefits it can give you to look good without the help of makeup are zero.

Eat well

All of our nutrition has a lot to do with our appearance. It is not about starving yourself but about finding a balance in which you and your skin feel and look good.

You can highlight your lashes without mascara

You can curl your lashes and make them look good without the help of mascara. An old trick is to apply a little petroleum jelly at bedtime. This will hydrate them and make them grow, so you don’t have a problem, and, of course, they don’t fall off either.


Exfoliating your skin is essential to look good. Make sure to do it at least once a week. This will make your skin expel any impurity that ails you by itself, without the need to leave marks.

Use sunscreen

Of course, sunscreen is essential. Please don’t go anywhere without it. The sun is mostly to blame for photoaging, so unless you want to look older than your actual age, avoid sun exposure without applying sunscreen of at least SPF 30.

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