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whats new about new god of war ?

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Sony Santa Monica has announced that the new God of War, one of the most anticipated video games on PlayStation 5, will not be released until 2022. The California studio has justified the delay due to the need to maintain the well-being of the team and its members. Families during development. Coinciding with this news, the head of PlayStation Studios, Hermen Hulst, has revealed that Kratos’ new adventure will also have a version for PlayStation 4.

“We remain focused on delivering the highest quality game while maintaining the safety and well-being of our team, our creative partners, and families,” said the statement posted by Sony Santa Monica on social media. “With this in mind, we have decided to postpone the launch window until 2022,” he adds.

The sequel to the acclaimed God of War was announced in September during the PlayStation 5 presentation event. No image was shown in the game’s teaser, but it indicated that 2021 would be the release date. Since then, Sony has continued not to show anything of the game, which raised suspicions about this delay.

The news comes a few days after the Japanese company presented the first gameplay of Horizon Forbidden West, another of the most anticipated games on the console, and that still does not have a release date. In this regard, Hulst has stated on the official PlayStation blog that, although development is “well on track to launch this end of the year, it is still not safe and maximum work is being done to confirm it as soon as possible.”

New Game Features +

You can select a different difficulty than your first game.
The I Want God of War + difficulty (selecting the I Want God of War difficulty when starting New Game +) offers two skins for the shield as a reward.
Regardless of the difficulty you choose, the enemies will be more difficult than in the first game (they can become Elite Enemies).
Regardless of the difficulty you choose, you will start with all the armor and abilities you had at the end of your first game.
New armor can be created and upgraded.
It is possible to convert armor and talismans into new Enchantments, exclusive to New Game +.
Valkyries have new attacks.
Now there are Tears in the form of time trial events.
Cinematic sequences can be skipped.

So, get ready to start your dueling journey again by accompanying Kratos and Atreus throughout the Nordic world, facing all kinds of mythological creatures, dangers, complex mysteries, puzzles, and challenges. Do not expect it to be an easy adventure because things have been put at the level of what a true God of War needs to have complicated.

Sony will also launch the sequel to God of War on PlayStation 4 to “abandon” the 110 million users of this console.

As in Horizon Forbidden West, the new God of War will also be intergenerational; that is, it will have versions for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. According to the Sony executive, the reason for this decision is not to “abandon” the more than 110 million PlayStation 4 owners. “If PS4 owners want to play that game, they can. If they want to go and play the PS5 version, they can too,” says Hulst.

Although the head of PlayStation development studies has not referred to it directly, another factor that justifies the decision to launch God of War in both generations is the ability to reach a much broader market. Although PlayStation 5 has had a grand premiere since its launch in November – and the semiconductor crisis has weighed down that – its 7.8 million units sold are still a long way from all of the units it has sold PlayStation 4 since its release in 2013.

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