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efficient fat burning

In the article, we have it clear: you have to go off the scale and focus on reducing body fat. But how do we get it?

“What helps to burn fat is knowing what we are doing wrong: diet, poor food choices, cooking techniques, lack of exercise, sleep, stress, anxiety, medications, pathologies, poor time management and a long etc.”, says Bustos. And, according to this expert, “excess fat does not always come from a poor diet, since it is influenced by many factors, such as sleep, a key factor as it is a potent hormonal regulator or stress.”

Before launching into a diet or exercise, the director of Pronaf recommends you stop and think if what I want is to lose fat, what have I changed in my life (if the excess fat comes from a short time ago) or what could improve to be in better health”. “The simplest things we can imagine maybe generating a great change in our body.” For instance? “Eat something healthy in the middle of the morning and mid-afternoon and be more active in our daily life (going for bread is not being more active) or start to include two days of exercise in the week (high-intensity exercises are very effective but require adaptation and control by a specialist in physical activity).”

And in case you have doubts, you do not have to stop eating fat to lose body fat. On the contrary, fats are essential for most of the functions of your body, and they are also what provides you with a feeling of satiety. Of course, you have to change the bad fats (fast food, refined foods, saturated, hydrogenated fats, industrial pastries …) for the good ones (natural nuts, avocado, extra virgin olive oil, bluefish, whole grains. ..).
To burn body fat, lose weight and look your best, dieting is not enough. Exercise is essential, and you know that. Cardio activities and strength exercises will help you healthily lose volume and tone your body. But also note this type of fat: brown or brown, which we can also call ‘fat-burning cells.’ As Ana Sánchez Morillas, Dietitian-Nutritionist and creator of Paso de Dietas, explains, fat can help you burn calories and lose weight. The specialist explains to us what its function is and what are the best ways to activate it.

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What are fat-burning cells of brown fat?

It is a type of fat that is responsible for producing heat. Babies are born with a large amount of this fat to maintain temperature since they cannot shiver or move to stay warm. In adults, it is found to a lesser extent and less in people with obesity.

Unlike white fat, which is the majority in our tissues, brown fat contains many mitochondria, the engines with which calories are burned to produce heat. In addition, this fat increases basal metabolism by burning and transforming normal body fat into energy.

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What implication does thermogenesis have in fat burning?

Thermogenesis is the production of heat in the body produced by metabolic reactions. It is responsible for keeping the internal temperature constant, maintaining a thermal balance. It uses our energy reserves, triglycerides and blood glucose to burn them and transform them into heat.

Are there foods that help you burn more fat?

Some foods have the thermogenic capacity, activate brown fat and stimulate heat production. Among them is hot pepper, due to its active principle (capsaicin), tea and coffee due to its caffeine content and ginger, which stimulates the nervous system, increasing thermogenesis and energy expenditure.

Also, the consumption of apples and pears contributes to activate brown fat since they contain ursolic acid in their skin, which is a compound that helps increase muscle mass and brown fat, the two body tissues that burn the most fat.
It has happened to all – or almost all of us. The scale says we’re losing weight, but the holsters and love handles are still there, clinging to our thighs and waist like there’s no tomorrow. Losing pounds can be relatively easy, but getting rid of those lorzas that the Yankees so graphically call ‘love handles’ – something like love handles – seems like an impossible mission.

Less than a month before we indulge body and soul in Christmas gastronomic excesses, the experts at ZEN explain what that happy adipose tissue is that is so difficult to get rid of, why it is produced and if it is e can be removed in some way.

“Total body fat is the combination of essential fat and that stored in our body. The first is essential for normal physiological functioning (around 3% in men and 12% in women). The second is the reserve energy, mainly triglycerides, which accumulate under the skin and internal organs. It is dispensable and varies according to diet, exercise or environmental conditions “, explains Mireia Agramunt, dietitian-nutritionist at Hospital Sanitas TOP.

The so-called regional accumulation patterns depend on genetic inheritance and differ by sex. “Two types of fat deposits are recognized: android -apple shape-, predominant in males and characterized by excess fat in the thoracoabdominal area; and gynecoid -pear-, usual in females, is focused on the thighs and the buttocks, “details this expert.

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