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How is dry eye diagnosed?

Based on the results of the anamnesis, the examinations and the tests indicated, the severity of the condition22 and the worker’s work aptitude for the...


dry eye in ancient times

A bibliographic review on dry eye syndrome was carried out, including its classification, diagnosis, and treatment. It was taken into account that it...


The dry eye (SOS)

The dry eye (SOS) concept has been modified over the years, going from the initial name of keratoconjunctivitis sicca1 to the one agreed in April 2007 by the...


Diagnosis of cat eye syndrome

What is cat eye syndrome? Cat-eye syndrome, Orphanet explains, is a rare disease. This is because its prevalence is low, below 1 in 150,000 newborns, affecting...


mushrooms and Fungi

Healthy mushrooms and fungi. medicinal properties Mushrooms and Mushrooms have a lot to contribute to us. In no time, the harvest season will decorate the...