One of the most irritating things to develop is a skin rash. Practically everyone has had to endure such a nuisance, but practicing prevention is hard unless you know the underlying cause. Typically this occurrence is caused by some type of change to the skin; whether it’s internally or due to outside influences. Regardless of the reason, the noticeable symptoms of a skin rash are bumps over a red, blotchy patch of skin. In fact, it is often extremely itchy and can even become infected if not treated. Usually a rash stays isolated to one area, due to the initial cause; however, there are some cases that result in a widespread outbreak. But, what are the different causes and symptoms of skin rash?

The answer is completely based on your skin type and its interaction with outside variables.  This is known as contact dermatitis.  For instance, brushing up against poisonous plants such poison ivy, sumac, or oak is a clear reason for the development of skin rash. Not to worry; the cure for this is a prescribed cream from your doctor and can be cleared up within a couple of days. 

skin rash Another common cause of this skin irritation is the change in shampoos, lotions, or perfumes.  If your skin reacts poorly to one of the chemicals in these items, skin rash becomes one of the first symptoms.  Due to the various amounts of oils that can be found on the skin, it is uncertain as to what specific ingredient may be the cause. However, having an allergy test done can pinpoint the different chemicals that can cause the reaction. In the meantime, refrain from using the product and it should start to clear up immediately. 

There are some substances that are known to cause skin rashes. Latex gloves, for example, can adhere to the skin causing it to sweat.  Because of the combination, a common result is irritation. The allergic reaction to natural rubber latex occurs in a large percentage of people, so an alternate product now on the market is sheepskin.

Although contact dermatitis is the most common cause of skin rash, it is not the only reason these irritations occur. Suffering from a chronic skin disease, such as psoriasis or eczema, can also result in skin rash. Unfortunately, these are long lasting illnesses and regularly visiting your Dermatologist will help keep the symptoms under control. Rashes may also occur due to viral infections such as herpes or a yeast infection. In these cases, seeing your general doctor will help with treating these issues. 

However, sometimes it’s not the illness that causes a rash, but also the current use of medications.Skin rashes are often a result of an allergic reaction to something ingested. This can refer to food or medications; so comparing the ingredients will help identify the main cause. It is vital to visit a doctor immediately if you also develop shortness of breath. 

And one of the most embarrassing ways to develop a skin rash is from emotional stress such as frustration or embarrassment. Because anxiety is apparent in both cases, the rise in blood pressure and temperature can easily cause these blemishes.

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons that skin rashes can occur.  In most cases, it’s a simple treatment involving antibiotic creams.  Retracing steps and figuring out the different variable is the hard part, though the solution is rather easy.  However, if there doesn’t seem to be an answer to the ongoing problem of irritation i.e skin rash, then it may be time to visit your doctor.

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