Simple Steps for Preventing Stretch Marks While Pregnant

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Are you thinking about having a child but are worried about getting stretch marks on your stomach? Pregnancy is an important stage of life and it is the joy of having a child in your life. The body of a pregnant woman undergoes a lot of physical changes. It is important to consider any potential problems during and after parturition regarding their skin beauty and attraction. The problem of the stretch marks is a common problem because it happens during the pregnancy when the applicantion of dermal products such as skin whitening and stretch removal creams may not be suitable.

Preventing stretch marks while pregnant was a difficult task for women in the past but now with more information available, it is not difficult anymore. There are some natural ways and simple treatments that are effective to prevent stretch marks. You should consider the natural methods before using chemicals and artificial skin beauty products because the chemical ingredients maybe affecting your pregnancy.

Preventing Stretch Marks While Pregnant


Step One – Diet

The firs step to prevent stretch marks while pregnant is looking after yourself with a balanced healthy diet. During pregnancy, many women will find their taste for foods change drastically, they will craved for foods they probably wouldn’t eat otherwise. The body needs a wide range of minerals to function and supply these minerals for the healthy development of fetus. Vitamin E is a known mineral for the production of healthy skin cells.


Step Two – Exercise

Some believe regular exercises are also good in preventing stretch marks while pregnant. During pregnancy, the body requires more food intake in order to acquire the necessary nutrition for growing a healthy baby. Because of the increase of food intake, the body’s metabolism cannot fully burn off the calories and turn them into fat. And the skin stretches to accomodation the amount of fat tissue around your body. You should consider moderate exercising because it will help to burn off some of the extra calories and prevent skin from stretch further. Your midwife or doctor should be able to help you select the exercises you can do while pregnant.

Step 3 – Moisturize

You can apply moisturizer daily with Vitamin E to prevent stretch marks while pregnant. A study shows that the women received the treatment has fewer stretch marks compared with other participants who didn’t receive the treatment. There are other ingredients you can consider in using, egg oil, gotu kola extract, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, elastin and menthol. Moisturizer can also provide a soothing effect for itchiness from the dry and stretched skin.


There are many advantages of these simple steps. You can follow them at the comfort of your home. As a bonus it will improve your overall health and help you to get back in shape faster after the pregnancy. There are many other methods to prevent stretch marks as well but you should always consult a specialist before you go ahead on any products or treatments as not all the methods can work depending on your body type.

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