How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks – What Choices Do You Have?

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Are you trying to find a way on how to get rid of stretch marks? You are not alone. These annoying and unpleasant marks are a byproduct of overstretching the skin caused by several factors such as pregnancy, bodybuilding, and extreme weight gain. Stretch marks are often found on the breasts, abdomen, buttocks, legs and upper arms. Stretch marks are not life-threatening and are not a serious health issue in general. However, they appear in areas where we would otherwise wouldn’t mind in bikinis, tops, mini-skirts and shorts! It can inflict emotional agony by diminishing self-esteem. So what then can you do to get rid of stretch marks?

How to get rid of stretch marksThere are actually many recorded treatments in how to get rid of stretch marksthat. Some are proven to be effective, and some are just overly-hyped up products that will disappoint you and waste your time and money. Stretch marks have been a perennial concern especially for women since the stretch mark does not fully heal and disappear completely. This is why you will now find a lot of stretch mark cures everywhere, from natural remedies, creams to laser treatments. So how would you know which one is right for you? This will entirely depend on your preference. Some treatments would require lifestyle changes while some would require a good chunk of your money.

Let’s find out the various ways you can get rid of these annoying marks and help you decide for yourself the right treatment to avail:


Medical Procedures for Stretch Marks

With the emergence of high-tech tools and equipments, you can now opt for various medical treatments available to get rid of the marks.

One of the popular medical treatments on how to get rid of stretch marks is microdermabrasion.  This is a cosmetic procedure where the topmost layer of your skin is removed through the use of chemicals.

Another treatment is with the use of laser therapy where it can help lighten the appearance of stretch marks.

Another method is known as endermologie which uses massage equipments to enhance circulation in the skin and get rid of toxins.


Stretch Mark Creams and Lotions

There are several stretch mark creams and lotions in the market that are designed to heal and lighten the appearance of stretch marks.

Choose creams and lotions that would include essential oils that are effective in treating stretch marks and making your skin supple at the same time such as cocoa butter, emu oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, rose hip oil, shea butter, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C.


Natural Home Remedies

There are also a number of home remedies that you can use on how to get rid of stretch marks.

You can start by using loofah or any bath scrubs to exfoliate the affected area while taking a bath as regularly as you can.

You can also take hot baths and massage the affected area regularly to increase circulation.

You can also try using vic’s vapor rub by applying it to a paper towel and rubbing it onto the skin every night for a few weeks.

You can also apply castor oil or shea butter directly onto the skin.


There are a variety of ways on how to get rid of stretch marks, consistent application on whatever method you decide to choose is the key to restoring your skin’s elasticity and bringing back your smooth and flawless skin.

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