Skin rash can be characterized as a change of skin, which usually accompanied with redness, itchiness, bumpiness, swelling, increased temperature. In some cases, it can result in blistering, chapping or cracking of the skin, may or may not be painful. The condition can occur in many different forms due to the causes and symptoms of each of these skin rashes vary. Quite often common skin rashes can be an indication of a health issue.


Common Cause of Skin Rash 

Allergic Reaction

An allergic reaction is one of the most common causes for skin rash. An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system reacts and attempts to eliminate a foreign substance. People prone to allergic reactions to a certain type of substance will always be affected by it. Some of the allergic reactions maybe accompanied by skin rash. This is a condition also known as hypersensitivity. One of the common allergies is food allergy.

Scenario: After a meal, you developed a hoarse voice, and wheezing. You noticed patches of skin around your body has gone red, bumpy, slightly swollen and itchy.

What to do: You should seek professional help to reduce the symptoms of the reaction as soon as possible. You can identify the food you react to and avoid having it.


Skin Irritation

A skin irritation is usually caused by being in contact with a substance or material that results in redness, bumpiness, itchiness or swell on your skin. Some of the irritations is caused by skin disorders such as acne.

Scenario: You have bought a new top recently. After wearing it, you noticed the skin around your underarms is red and sore with possible blistering.

What to do: Avoid cloth that wraps too tightly around your body to prevent damaging cell linings. You can apply ointment to heal the wound if the condition is serious.


Exposure to Sun

Excessively exposed to the sun may cause sun burn. The damaged skin becomes red, swollen, painful to touch. In more serious care, there are blistering and peeling of the skin.

What to do: It is recommended to wear sunscreen before going outdoors. Depends on the products, you may reapply it every 2-3 hours. You should put a limit on the time you can stay directly in the sun continuously to avoid sunburn.


Common skin rashesThere are many more different reasons for the development of rashes. Sometimes it can be difficult to identify what led to a particular rash. Certain skin rashes may require urgent medical attention once the symptoms are developed. Some of these rashes are accompanied by fever, cold, breathing problems and red spots which occur on the body. People who have a poor hygiene or a weak immune system find themselves often contract diseases or become ill. Therefore, it is good to maintain a good personal hygiene and a strong immune system against common illness.

Nothing is better than being naurally healthy: balanced healthy meals with fruits or veges and drink plenty of water which boost the immune system and also help keeping the skin hydrated. Remember, getting sick can be difficult to treat which is why doctors recommend prevention rather than cure.

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