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How can stretch marks go away completely? Eliminating these beauty flaws takes a lot more effort and patience than most beautiful women think. They are actually scars that appear on the surface of the skin as reddish-purple or pink lines. As time passes, they begin to turn silvery. These are unpleasant streaks that appear on various body parts including the bust, buttocks, thighs, stomach, upper arms, upper legs, and lower back. The stretch marks often occur in women who give birth because the bulging of the tummy causes the skin to overstretch. Another similar cause is rapid increase or loss of weight.

Some have stretch marks on all the body parts mentioned above and others have very few affecting a single area such as the lower back skin. The genetic composition also plays a major role in regard to the distribution of these marks. To address the question – can stretch marks go away completely starts with understanding how they form. The elastin fibers of dermis layer of the skin are the origin of these streaks when damaged and scarred. The scarring occurs deeper in the skin (dermis) and cannot disappear overnight.

Stretch mark represents a torn tissue which either can be removed completely or rejuvenated using certain methods.

How can stretch marks go away via cosmetic surgery?

This type of surgery is often recommended for men and women that have a large propotion stretch marks on their abdomen as well as a saggy skin. It is usually referred to as a tummy tuck. The surgeon removes extra skin, fat and stretch marks.  Although the procedure is known to work, it has its risks such as fluid accumulation, poor wound healing, skin loss, skin discoloration etc.

Laser therapy is another procedure carried out to get rid of stretch-marks. Doctors have different ways of doing it including pulsated dye treatment that helps to seal the blood vessels and accelerate the fading of initial pink streaks. But they might not completely disappear.

In most cases the procedure is not the first option that expert dermatologists would recommend.  If you do not want to attempt any surgical approaches, you can use cream, gels and lotions. These products contain essential ingredients for fading and making your marks less visible.  These ingredients mostly include aloe vera, cocoa butter, vitamin E and other ingredients that promote dermal tissue restoration.

It is very important to read the product labels as you select the cream, lotion and gel as it will help you decide the effectiveness. There are many other people who are suffering from the stretch mark problems. Some of them shared their experiences in removing stretch marks online which you might find plenty of useful product reviews and tips.

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