Many people who have oily skin consider it as a problem, which accounts for the countless oily skin treatments that are advocated everywhere. Skin oil is actually sebum, which is produced naturally by the body to protect and moisturize its largest organ – the skin. Ideally, one should have the right oily skin treatments to maintain the appropriate amount of sebum in the skin. Simple home remedies for oily skin can be resorted to most of the time, such as fruit extracts or homemade facials.

Thus, you should learn basic skin care to maintain the smoothness of your skin for a long time and prevent ugly breakouts and blemishes. However, although oily skin is generally looked upon as a problem, it has one major advantage, and that is it ages slower than any other skin types.


Characteristics of Oily skin


Oily Skin TreatmentsBefore adopting any of the oily skin treatments that are available at present, it is essential that you know the characteristics of the problem. Oily skin is marked by enlarged pores and excessive shine. Because of the high amount of sebum that is on the skin, the oily skin tends to be extremely greasy and prone to breakouts. The reason is that oil attracts more dust and dirt to adhere to the skin.

Heredity is a factor in oily skin although it can also be caused by other issues such as abnormal hormone levels. In general, teenagers are more prone to oily skin and acne, with the skin becoming less oily as one grows older. However, there are cases where oily skin continues until well into the adult years.


Caring for Oily Skin


One of the first rules and best oily skin treatments is to clean it a couple of times every day if possible, so that acne-causing bacteria can be minimized. It is important to keep the pores clear by exfoliating the skin, and by washing the face with a mild cleanser. Use warm water when washing your facial skin as it helps in minimizing skin oil. You may also use anti bacterial lotions to prevent acne. By caring for your skin properly, you can make any oily skin treatment work better on your complexion.


The Right Treatment for Oily Skin


There is really no magic formula against oily skin but a regular skin care and treatment can do much to keep your complexion fair and flawless. When washing your face, massage it in circular motions. Warm water is recommended for treating oily skin but make sure that it is not too hot as it can strip the skin of essential oils.

Using pink or white clay masks is very good in removing excess oil from the skin. If you have a very oily skin, brown clay mask would be more appropriate. Be sure to put on a clarifying skin mask two times each week.

Some aromatherapy oils are said to be good against oily skin such as cedar wood, lemon and rosemary, and thus are very good as oily skin treatments, You can combine any of these oils with lanolin and massage the resulting mixture gently on your skin.

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