There are many ways of achieving high quality oily skin care.  However, not all methods can work for people that have an oily skin type. Each person’s condition is unique and the first thing to do is to actually understand the condition properly. This kind of skin has many causes, the genetic trigger being the first in the list.  Additionally, when we go through our teenage years, sebaceous glands can become overly active in producing sebum.

Think the sebum as a natural oil. But too much sebum makes the human skin susceptible to acne causing bacteria. Without good oily skin care habits, acne becomes unmanagable.  Luckily for some teenagers, the condition is short term and clears soon after they enter adulthood. There are some still suffer severe pimples and spots in their adulthood. A good practice of simple oily skin care helps to manage this condition.


What Not To Eat

This certainly means that you need to reduce the amount of greasy food intake.

One of the major tips is eating a balanced diet, of course. There has been a claim that food rich in fats and oil aggravates the problem with this skin type.  At the same time, there has been a claim that this is untrue. The best thing to do is to enhance your diet. Eat foods that improve your overall health and immunity.  

Unclog Hair Follicles


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The most imperative oily skin care hint is to find a way to open up the hair follicles. These are clogged by sebum, a product of the skin’s sebaceous glands. Vigorous rubbing will only active these glands to produce more sebum and this is the same as giving the bacteria more food to eat.  If you think hot water is not working on its own, use recommended oily skin care cleansers; usually oil based, but rinse your face thoroughly after use.  These maintain the right moisture balance for your skin.

Another popular oily skin care trick is keeping your body hydrated. This is as simple as drinking plenty of water, as a properly hydrated skin looks healthy and attractive.


Personal Grooming

Besides the above oily skin care tips, you need to pay more attention to good grooming and using recommended cosmetics. Since this kind of coat is prone to acne and other disorders, you have to keep away from harsh soaps, face masks and moisturizers.


For Ladies

Avoid alcohol based cleansers because they dehydrate the skin. When that happens, its surface tightens up and shrinks, thus clogging the pores again.  Even though an oily skin looks shiny and moisturized, you have to buy the best oily skin care moisturizer. This should be a natural type without any oil as your skin has enough of it.  Moisturizers that are made of aloe vera are very good.


There are people who have a combination type of skin. This has oily, normal or dry sections. This type is a little more difficult to care for because it has three different sections that demand unique care. All the same, oily skin care tips will still remain very valuable to you because this kind is always the hardest to manage. As you look for anti-aging oily skin care products and masks, be sure to pick those that are made for specific type of coat.

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