What is healthy skin?

You can usually tell just by looking at a person that they have healthy skin. Their skin appears smooth on the surface; they have neither moist nor dry skin. Their skin is radiant and youthful. A lot contributes to this; it’s the combination of right foods for healthy skin, natural skin care or just the right skin care products. Healthy skin not only looks good but helps protect it from pathogens, ultraviolet rays and the list continues.

There are a lot of tips for healthy skin that keep it looking good, the best tips are usually the simplest, the ones most of us do every day.

1) Eating the right foods for healthy skin

This would have to be top of the list. Nothing beats a well-balance diet with plenty of protein, fruits and vegetables. Fish and Poultry are the best source of protein as they don’t come with a lot of unwanted fats. If you like your meat then I would recommend the lean cuts. Protein can also come from vegetables in the form of nuts, beans and plenty others, they also provide you with essential vitamins for your skin. Try and get plenty of vitamins (particularly A and C) and fiber into your diet and avoid excess sugar.

2) Natural skin care

Exercising is a proven way to better skin health. Inactivity promotes acne, cellulite, bloating and puffy looking skin. healthy skinRegular movement or exercise promotes the circulation of blood to important parts of your skin tissue. If you work in an office, take short walks or stretching when you can to increase blood flow. Exfoliate every day if you can, removing old dead skin cells helps skin to breathe and detox. It will make your skin appear younger looking with a smooth glow. Taking bathes can help with exfoliating as it eliminates a lot of skin waste.

3) Skin care products

The most basic must be soap. Soap and water daily is a must for the body’s daily cleanse. Wash your body thoroughly and get soap into any skin folds or creases, then dry thoroughly. Avoid all those harsh soaps and the ones that are “antibacterial” The antibacterial ones can reduce the skin’s acidity. The acidity in your skin adds protection from infection. If you have dry skin I recommend daily moisturizing creams or ointments. Dry skin is usually caused by lower humidity especially in winter or sometimes other environment factors of daily life. Moisturizers help to keep water in our skin in these times of dryness and make our skin look healthier and younger.

There are other negative factors involved in healthy skin which you should avoid. Such as avoid smoking if you can as it constricts your blood vessels and prevents the normal flow of blood to body tissue. Avoid excessive exposure of ultraviolet rays; small amounts of sunburn damage can build up to skin cancer or melanoma. If you avoid these and use all the tips most of us do already, Eating the right foods for healthy skin, Natural skin care and careful choice of Skin care products, your skin will be young and you will have healthy skin for years to come.

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