Homemade Facials and the Best Recipe for Each Skin Type

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Though most chemical peels and cleansers are considered effective, a lot of individuals are now opting for homemade facials, simply to avoid all the risky chemical ingredients that manufactured products have. There are a handful of reasons why a person should consider making his or her own facial cleansing recipe instead. 


Why Homemade Facials?

Homemade facials are less expensive. Depending on the type of your facial recipe, most ingredients can easily be found on the grocery or the kitchen. You don’t have to bear all the mark-up cost in producing such compared to the commercially produced solutions. 

These homemade facials are simple and easy to make. Everybody can make his or her version of a facial by his own with minimal effort and time, since the preparation of a cleansers would only require you to mix. 

Homemade facials are good for all skin types. This can be one of the best advantages of using homemade facial cleansers. You’re not required to check or research on the components of the mixture or solution just to ensure that it is suitable for your skin type. 

Homemade facials are made out of all natural ingredients. They would supply your skin with all the good nutrients that it requires. For example the fruit based mixture is a good source of AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid; a nourishment responsible for skin cell renewal and rejuvenation.


Best Homemade Facial Ingredients

For every homemade facial recipe, there are certain ingredients that are noted to give the best results in terms of cleaning and maintaining the overall health of facial skin:

  1. Milk is one of the most beneficial ingredients. The cleansing power of milk comes from the right number or proportions of fat and moisture to feed and soothe the skin.
  2. homemade facialsHoney is another wonder ingredient of homemade facials. From the time of the early Egyptians, honey has been used as the favorite anti-aging drink and skin cleanser. Milk and honey has the best antimicrobial properties that would wipe out skin impurities and preserve its youthful glow.
  3. From the vegetable group, cucumber is an excellent ingredient for your homemade facial cleanser. It is cold for the skin and, it tones, refreshes, and best eliminates the dark circles around the eyes.
  4. Lemon and/or tomato juice is very good at dealing with oily skin. Lemons help brighten up the dull skin and would lighten up any blackhead that you may have. Tomatoes on the other hand are known for their antioxidant properties and also its capacity to prevent skin damage on the cellular level.
  5. Rose water is a good base for homemade facials for it cools off and revitalizes the skin. The benefits of this ingredient multiply when it is applied cold or frozen.
  6. Fruits such as apple, pineapple, and strawberry nourish the skin with their anti-inflammatory properties and renewal of damaged and dead skin cells. And for getting rid of acne and acne scars, the fruit ingredients; pineapple, apple, and strawberries are the best. 


Homemade Facials for All Skin Type 

Finally, the choice of the right homemade facial recipe depends on the particular skin type or objective a person wants to achieve. For example for dry type of skin, your homemade facials should either be or a combination of milk, yogurt, cucumber, and/or honey. The oily skin types would require the cleansing powers of lemon juice, tomato juice, yogurt, rose water, or some vinegar.


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