6 Simple Steps to Take Care of Your Skin and Reduce Ageing Signs

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There are two known ageing processes: one being intrinsic ageing and the other being the extrinsic ageing. To understand these two anti-aging processes can give us some insights to simple steps to take care of your skin and reduce aging signs.

Intrinsic ageing is the process that naturally takes place as we get older. The skin’s outer layer will reduce about 20% in thickness. The research shows that our genes play an important part in determining how our skin would age. This is a good indicator of when the problem is likely to occur so that we can start skin care to reduce ageing signs.

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Sun exposure damaged skin is one of the causes described as extrinsic ageing process. The skin becomes more thick and dry with sun damage. Sun damage also causes a marked accumulation of pigments in the basal layers, resulting in what is called a “sun spot”.

Other factors contributes to skin’s ageing process are air pollution, UV radiation, smoking and so on. We can’t rewind the clock or stop ageing, but we can start with taking care of our skin and reduce ageing signs. It is as simple as it sounds.

Let’s put the skin ageing process in timeline: in our childhood, our skin looks clear, smooth and free of wrinkles and blemishes. In our early twenties, we have problem dealing with acne breakouts and closer to the end of our twenties, we see fine lines around our eyes and mouth! During menopause, we see more visible ageing signs as skin loses its elasticity and suppleness. The skin also heals more slowly from cuts or bruises. From 55 years and on, skin can appear shallow with uneven colour.

Here Are 6 Simple Steps To Take Care Of Your Skin And Reduce Ageing Signs

1. The best skin care starts with a proper cleanse. A proper cleansing of the skin helps to free skin pores from dirty, dust, make-up and other impurities.

Cream cleansers are rich and gentle, it’s ideal for dry, sensitive skin types.

Lotion or gel cleanser is ideal for normal skin types; it can be rinsed off easily.

Foaming cleansers are best suited for oily skin types; it takes off excessive oil on the skin.

Simple Steps to Take Care of Your Skin and Reduce Ageing Signs

2. Exfoliating to remove dead skin cells daily. As we age, the frequency of cell replacement is decreased from every 14 days to every 30 days.

3. Facial masks – for a quick skin hydration

4. Vitamin supplements

Vitamin A, C, B5, E and F have known effect to improve skin elasticity, cell production and many other benefits.

5. Sun protection

Sun screen can prevent UV damage while you are outdoor, but do not expose under the sun for excessive hours.

6. Moisturizers

Moisturizer can improve water preservation, for example dry skin cream.

It’s also important to protect the skin around your neck. The skin on the neck doesn’t have as much fat cells and it has low supplies of sebum. There are many more things you can do, so don’t limit yourself to the 6 simple steps to take care of your skin and reduce aging signs.


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