Most people have a general idea of what ingrown hair (or ingrowing hairs) is. In some cases, it is the body hair unable to grow through the skin and becoming trapped within skin layers. In other cases, they appear a few weeks after hair removal. Ingrown hair can affect anyone on any part of your skin. They appear as small bumps, may or may not be red, and may be accompanied with itchiness. Sometimes you can see the trapped hair inside the bumps. There are many ways for ingrown hair removal and prevention which outlined below.

Before we discuss the ingrown hair removal methods, you may be interested in knowing the common cause to ingrown hair is identified to be shaving or waxing. But it can be affected by clogged skin pores which preventing hair from growth.

Ingrown Hair Removal and PreventionIngrown hairs are different from pimples. Although they may both appear to be red bumps with pus inside; an ingrown hair is caused by hair curled back and unable to grow out, while pimples are caused by bacteria infecting skin cells inside the blocked skin pore.

The best way to stop ingrown hair is to stop shaving or waxing. But we all know that not all gentlemen can cultivate their beards into something festival and not all ladies enjoy the natural fur coat all year round. With the following steps, it will help you with ingrown hair removal and prevention. However, if you do have rapid hair growth, you should see a hair removal specialist to resolve the issue and once for all.

Ingrown Hair Removal, It’s Easy.

You can use any of the methods that suits best for you and your skin type.


Get medications that improve the condition. A doctor can prescribe medications, depending on your condition. There are many medicines and treatments for the ingrown hair condition. And it’s worth the visit if you do have any infections by scratching the affected area or severe inflammation.

Beauty Treatment

Visit a beauty therapist. Once a while, it is nice to indulge ourselves with a pampering treatment. While we are at it, we can request to have the ingrown hair removed professionally. Generally, the procedure would begin with cleaning the affected area, and then use a pair of tweezers to remove the ingrown hair that is visible inside the bumps.

Hair removal treatment

As mentioned, the safest and easiest way to remove hair is professional hair removal treatments. It is less likely to result in a repeated ingrown hair situation. Ask a specialist or get a referral from your friends or your doctor. You can also research on hair removal treatments by calling a specialist advertised locally. It’s good to compare what services and prices the specialists can offer you. If it’s too much pressure on your finance, you are not obligated to book in for treatments and try another one instead.

Body Scrub and Exfoliation

Ingrown hairs are likely to occur as a result of dead skin cells blocking skin pores. So it’s important to scrub and exfoliating the skin. It can be done while you take shower. Use the appropriate body scrub for your skin type. Some products may contain more rough ingredients than others. So if your body scrub is causing pain during exfoliating; and your skin has an area of redness on your skin or a slight swell after a shower, you should try use another product instead. It is important to apply a gentle force while scrubbing to reduce skin irritations. Repeat this method on a daily basis and over time you will notice the reduced red bumps. This can also prevent ingrown hair by removing excessive dead skin cells built on your skin.

Cosmetic Products

Use formulated body lotion that contains 10% or less glycolic acid AHA. You can purchase these lotions in supermarkets. It helps to remove dead skin cells that could potentially block skin pores of the affected area.

CAUTION: If you are considering a hair removal treatment such as electrolysis, you should ask your specialist whether you should still use such lotion. Some people may get longer redness on the skin during and after the treatment if the use of such lotion is continued.

Anti-pressure Shaving

For most of men, shaving is inevitable. But there are ways you can reduce the risk of getting ingrown hair. Prior to shaving, gently scrub your cheek, chin and neck area then wash properly with warm water. Applying shaving cream will let the blade glide over the skin instead of pulling hair. Also try to shave in one stroke at one area at a time with gentle force. Try not to repetitively shave one area too many times as the blade can cause irritation on the raw skin. After complete your shave, rinse with warm water and apply a sufficient amount of moisturizer on the shaved area and around it. Check your blades for rust. Most of the shaving blades are made of steels that will rust over time. When the blade is rusty, it will become dull and cause pulling. There are many shaving blades in the market, be sure to try out a few to find a suitable one for your skin.

Clothing Style

There are some clothing materials can be quite rough on our skin. These materials can become tangled with the body hair and cause pulling when we move around. This causes broken hair and contribue to ingrown hair. Choose a clothing style that is not tightly wrapped around the body. Also wash clothes regularly helps to maintain a good skin hygiene. Washing clothes removes dead skin cells that builds up on fabric and will reduce the risk of blocking skin pores.

Finally, you can opt to use a few methods together; you may be surprised with the combined effect on your skin. However, if the ingrown hair condition persists, you should consult a doctor. The irritation may be suggesting the bumps possibly are not cause by ingrown hairs.

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