Have you ever experienced the rough and dull texture of skin, or maybe your skin becomes dull and rough? If so, this is an indication for skin brushing exfoliation to remove the dullness and roughness. The skin has many dermal cells, which are what we refer to as the texture of the skin. The skin consists a combination of these dermal cells. Unfortunately, they have a life span and after that period these dermal cells die. The dead dermal cells accumulate on our skin, making the texure of the skin rough and dull. The skin brushing exfoliation is a technique in which you can remove these dead cells from your body with the help of brushing during body wash.

Exfoliation is a term used for the removal of the dead skin cells. There are many types of the skin brushing exfoliation techniques but two methods stands most popular. These two techniques are the dry brushing and wet exfoliation. The dry brushing is a technique in which you use the brushing without using water, thats why its called dry brushing but in wet exfoliation you use special soap with water to remove the dead cells.

There are some other important consideration in regards to the use and selection of the dry brushing techniques.  The brush should have very gentle bristles or natural bristles or the exfoliation cloth should have a gentle surface in touch. The size of the brush or the cloth should be around medium size and easy to hold because in dry brushing you use the brush to rub over your body to remove the dead cells of the skin.This type of exfoliation is inexpensive and if done correctly can have great results. You must avoid over rubbing and causing abrasions on your skin. Over exfoliated skin will appear sore, red and painful on touch.

Skin Brushing ExfoliationThe wet exfoliation technique is much more gentle compared with dry brushing in removing the dead cell of skin. One of many benefits of using wet skin brushing exfoliation because it is used in combination with water, so there are fewer chances of abrasions on the skin due to continuous rubbing. You can use many different soaps or scrubs with this technique. Again, the exfoliating brush or cloth you choose to use should be easy to hold onto and the surface of the brush or cloth should be gentle. You can try Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth/towel (3pc) from amazon for a comfortable and indulgence experience next time you are in the shower.

Pros and Cons & Suggestion

Dry Brushing Exfoliation

Pro: low cost, can be done without water

Con: can cause abrasion, irritation

Suggestion for Dry Exfoliation: Always use a gentle force. Rub in circular motion to increase the effectiveness in removing dead skin cells but do not rub one area for too long.


Wet Exfoliation

Pro: gentle, can be achieved while in the shower, work better with soaps or scrubs

Con: can be waste of water, maybe require cleansing agents

Suggestion: You can turn off the shower while exfoliating. Though said wet exfoliation is more gentle but watch out for potential over exfoliation as well.

Doesn’t matter which techinique you are interested in trying, skin brushing exfoliation is the best method to renew your skin at the comfort of your own home. If you continue exfoliating once a day, it will most certainly maintain the lightness and smoothness of your skin.

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