Everybody wants to have and maintain a healthy and youthful looking skin, though methods to keep the skin in good shape are plain and simple, these efforts may seem to be futile when a person suffers from having dry skin. Of course prior to medication and use of numerous skin products and chemicals, it is a must to get to know the various causes of the drying condition. A lot of factors can be cited as the cause of this condition which include but not limited to the following:

The environment or climate. Even though your skin type is generally healthy; the drying effects of a cold and windy weather would still pose some chances. During the winter, the skin may experience some flaking and would bring about the so called “winter itch”. The harmful rays of the sun can also be included as a culprit in this factor, thus the cold and dry wind coupled with the sun’s heat can definitely cause dry skin.

Deficiency in nourishment and diet concerns. Dry skin may also be attributed to a deficiency in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals required to keep the skin supple and healthy. Some skin health essentials include Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E. You may want to adjust your diet regimen by consuming more of the fruits and vegetables ideal to provide the required nourishment.

Pollution doesn’t care about your skin. Another environmental factor that causes dry skin is pollution of the most common sort. Based on medical studies, exposure to polluted air and ozone concentrations or harmful chemicals can easily drain out the skin’s supply of Vitamin E by as much as 25% in just mere two hours.

Inherent Cause of Dry SkinExcessive cosmetics. Though skin care products are good at providing skin moisture, whitening, peeling, etc., too much of these would eventually make your skin suffer and get dry. Ingredients of some cosmetics can be considered as irritants, more so when products of different kinds are religiously applied to the skin simultaneously.

Unhealthy lifestyle and the lack of exercise. It’s a basic knowledge that the foods that we eat and the amount of exercise we devote to have something to do with our overall health. Exercise permits the healthy flow of blood around the body thereby providing a healthy skin glow. Exercise, especially when sweating is the time where the skin eliminates toxin deposits.

Over-bathing. Yes, who doesn’t want to be clean at all times? But when the habit of bathing is more frequent than the ideal, it will already led to the shedding off of essential oils and will already cause dry skin. The problem amplifies when excessively bathing with chlorinated water.

Sometimes, it’s in the genes. Some medical experts concluded that some individuals are genetically prone to having dry skin even with the most ideal diet and lifestyle that he or she observes.

Result of any pre-existing medical condition. When all reasons are not applicable, dry skin might be a symptom or else, complication of a more serious skin or any other medical condition.

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