It’s a known fact that the human body needs 55% – 75% of water for it to function, this is where skin hydration is important. In order to maintain the level of water in the body, a person needs to intake “drinking water” on a daily basis.  The skin as part of the human body also benefits from hydration, and will appear healthier.

Commonly known skin conditions such as dry skin can be caused by dehydration. It occurs when the natural body oils from the skin are stripped away, causing it to lose its protection and moisture more easily. As skin becomes dry and loses its elasticity, it also may become more sensitive and is more exposed to rashes and skin irritations. The common symptom is that the visible peeling of the outer skin layer, itching and skin cracking.

The factors that cause dry skin are outlined as the following:

Skin Hydration and Common Environmental Factors Affecting it


1. The weather. In the extreme weather conditions – too hot or too cold, it’s easier to get dry skin due to the decreased moisture in the air.

2. Heating device. While it’s nice to have a heating device at home to keep the winter’s cold outside of the house, it does slowly dry up the moisture in the air.

3. Immersion in water. The skin has many layers; the outer layer of the skin consists of a layer of special skin cells that is made water resistant. However, if it’s excessively exposed to water, it causes those cells to breakdown faster. Activities such as swimming in heavily chlorinated pools, taking long hot showers may have a long term effect on dry skin.

4. Harsh detergents. There are products using harsh detergents to achieve cleanliness, but is damaging to the skin and may cause irritations. Excessively use of any detergent will strip away natural body oils that protect skin from dryness.

5. Alcohol and medicinal drugs. It’s known that alcohol causes kidneys to flush out water more frequently and cause dehydration. Prescription drugs such as diuretics, antihistamines and isotretinoin (Accutane) also have a drying effect.

There are other factors also contribute to dry skin, such as the natural aging process, smoking, sun exposure which may also take toll on your skin beauty.


Skin Hydration5 Steps to Skin Hydration and Healthy Looking Skin


Perhaps it’s more of women’s interest in skin beauty, as women like the healthy and glowing looking skin on any part of their body. The good news is it’s easy to adopt a healthier way to hydrate the skin if you follow the steps outlined below.

1. Drinking water. Drinking sufficient amounts of “drinking water” on a daily basis can improve the appearance of the skin from within. It is suggested that you drink “drinking water” more often and instead of other beverages such as soft drinks. Caffeine has the attribution to cause dehydration and you should reduce the frequency of intakes.

2. Facial wash.  Daily facial washes will reduce the dead skin cells, and produce healthy looking skin. A gentle rub or massage with pH balanced facial wash will just do the job. It’s recommended that you use your hands or a facial wash sponge to wash your facial skin and rinse properly so it doesn’t damage the outer skin layer and cause redness and irritation. You should not completely dry the skin after the wash, instead gently pat your skin until it’s barely dry before applying moisturizers.

3. Body wash. Similarly, you should use a washing cloth to exfoliate and use a pH balanced body wash to prevent irritations. And remember, a long hot shower /bath may be relaxing but you should do it in consideration of damaging your skin.

4. Moisturizers/ body lotion. You can find many brands of skin care lines. There is not really a best skin care line as such. You just need to find the most effective one that works for your skin type. Moisturizers such as dry skin cream also help to retain skin elasticity. Try use the pH balanced skin care products to prevent issues associated with skin irritation or skin rash. You may also find moisturizers /body lotion that contain Vitamin A, which improves the sun exposure damage on your skin. It’s best to apply moisturizer and body lotion right after you have washed your face or taken a shower. This helps to lock the moisture in.

5. Clothing. We all know the skin needs to breathe as much as we need air, so why not choose the clothing materials that produce a natural air flow? Also you should use gentle detergents to wash your clothes to prevent skin irritations.

Healthy Skin comes from proper hydration and skin hydration is the key to improve dry skin, which restores skin elasticity and improves skin appearance. Properly washing and moisturizing your skin daily will improve dry skin overtime. Be aware of the things may damaging your skin and avoid them whenever possible, skin hydration is an essential part of skin health.

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