Our skin is mostly exposed to the harmful sunlight; destructive chemicals, pollutions etc. and these factors cause the acne breakouts or dry the skin to the extreme. Everyone reacts to the topical creams in a different way and sometimes our skin can be the toughest but still the most sensitive part on us.

There are two main causes of your skin getting dry and flaky; one being the environmental changes and the other being the contact with chemicals used in cleansers and soaps. Continuously exposure to these conditions without protection, our skin loses the natural oil and becomes dry and flaky.

There are many different ways to protect your skin and retain skin hydration. One of the best options for you is to use dry skin creams. Dry skin cream helps you in retaining the glowing and beautiful skin.

It gets very difficult to get the right product for your skin as there are many different skin care products available in the market today. But it can get easy for you to find the right dry skin cream for your skin if you look for below ingredients

Dry Skin Cream

Pond’s Dry Skin Cream

Natural oil base

Vegetable oils, butters and mineral oil are proven to be highly effective oil base in dry skin creams.


Lanolin is known to improve dry skins. The natural lanolin is a thick wax like paste. Many products include lanolin as an ingredient but have a lower concentration so it is easier to apply.

Vitamin A or Vitamin D

Added vitamin A or vitamin D can prevent dry skin. Sufficient Vitamin A increases skin health and sufficient Vitamin D (vitamin D2 or D3) reduces the chance of premature aging.

Nothing is worse than having dry, chapped skin. It causes many different skin problems and makes lines and wrinkles more visible. Now you can look after your skin with the heal effect from using a good quality dry skin cream.

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