Dry skin conditions might be inherent or due to seasonal or climate changes. It can be a big problem for some people. Besides the typical and distinctive appearances being flakiness and redness, there is also an increased chance of infections due to the accumulation of dead skin cells clogging the pores. The skin can become easily irritated accompanied by itchiness and bumpiness on touch. Some individuals might find it difficult to treat their conditions due to skin allergies or irritations caused by chemical compounds found in cosmetics. One of the much easier and gentle ways to soothe the irritations is to use natural remedies. So what are the best ingredients to look for in a home remedies for dry skin? Here are a few examples.



Water is the essential key to skin hydration hence the importance to retain it. Skin cells often lose moisture in the process of any activities you participate in or due to the changes of the weather and temperature. Although our body will replenish the water in the skin cells, the rate decreases if the body water level is not retained. So it is important to consume sufficient amount of water throughout the day to reduce skin dryness.



Fruit Oils
The Body Shop Body Oil, Coconut

The Body Shop Body Oil, Coconut

There are a few fruit oils are famous for skin beauty, among them are the coconut, avocado or papaya oil. The coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer, it is a natural supplement of sebum to prevent further loss of moisture in the skin cells. And the extract oil of avocado and papaya has the same effects on dry skin as well. The natural oil feels more gentle on the skin and it is easy for absorption. You can add a few drops of the oil in daily facial wash or even in a bath.



Manuka Honey Wild Ferns Facial Moisturiser

Manuka Honey Wild Ferns Facial Moisturizer

Honey is famous for its health benefits and sweet flavor. It is a very popular ingredient in natural remedies such as curing a sore throat or soothing headaches and so on. Did you know honey is also popular in skin beauty natural remedies? Honey has the property of preventing moisture lost when it is applied on the skin, so it is very popular to use it for dry skin natural remedy. It also contains essential nutrients to help reducing dryness caused swelling and irritation.




Milk is a well known ingredient in skin beauty remedy. It contains many essential nutrients that are good for the skin as well as restore hydration. Although it might a little excessive to have a facial wash with milk everyday, you can pour a small bowl of lukewarm milk and focus the wash on the dry spots with a cotton pad.  Make sure you rinse the area with warm water and pat dry to keep the skin clean and silky.


These natural ingredients are readily available in any health stores and are simply to use without the unwanted irritations. If in any doubt, you should seek advice from a health professionals before trying it out. 

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