Do you often find yourself feeling out of the loop and wondering ‘what is anti aging skin care’? You’re not alone. Men and women worldwide are battling with mother nature, prompting millions to seek solutions to their increasing wrinkles.

Some seek these solutions with extreme procedures and surgeries, opting for the knife and needle rather than natural remedies, and thats because it’s the natural remedy that may have you baffled. After all, asking ‘what is a facelift?’ gives you an easy, straight forward answer, whereas asking ‘what is anti aging skin care?’ can result in an overwhelming wealth of confusing answers and options.

Simplifying the natural anti aging skin care  solutions on the market isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem though. You see, there are hundreds of face creams and gels all pertaining to be revolutionary and ground breaking, but in all honesty there are only a few worth paying attention to.

Sadly for our budget, some of the most effective anti aging skin care creams tend to be the most expensive on the market, reflecting that old saying: ‘you get what you pay for’.

anti aging skin careWith most overflowing with active ingredients and luxury herbal remedies, there’s a very strong rumor circulating that it won’t be long until these creams are just as effective as Botox, facial peels and face lifts. Collagen tends to be the key ingredient lately, helping to plump your skin and smooth lines and wrinkles externally.

The good news however, is that it’s not only the collagen and active ingredients that can make such a difference to your aging skin in anti aging skin care.


It seems there are a few very cheap and very easy steps to take that ensure whichever cream you use is fully advantageous to your skincare routine. The first of these anti aging skin care tips is to eat well.

Vitamin C has a great deal of influence on the aging process, and if you want to promote radiant, healthy skin full of elasticity then you should be eating a diet bursting with oranges and other citrus fruits as well as plenty of veggies. To get an optimum amount of this essential vitamin though it’s a good idea to take a supplement too.

The reason Vitamin C is so effective is because it promotes a healthy heart, boosting your immune system and ensuring you heal and repair quicker. It also ensures you’re better protected against colds and other illnesses, meaning that ultimately your body is healthier, fitter, and your circulatory system is at its most efficient.

Vitamin C also helps you absorb iron easier, and iron is essential from a female health point of view. Vitamin C also works alongside Vitamin E to boost the antioxidant effect in your body, and all of this combines to result in extremely healthy, younger skin.

The second tip is to moisturize. It may sound simple, but the primary purpose of anti aging moisturizers is simply to be ultra moisturizing! Starting a good anti aging skin care routine that involves regular exfoliation, cleansing and toning as well as moisturizing when you’re young will ensure you stay looking younger for longer, but if you’ve left it too late then the best tip you could get is to simply lavish your skin in moisture. If your skin is dry it will lose elasticity, and moisture simply ensures that your skin bounces back healthily and happily day after day.

Combining a healthy diet with a great moisturizer is the best idea, and I can safely say that the absolute best moisturizers are indeed the anti aging ones.

Personally I feel that Estee Lauder’s Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lifting Cream is the best top of the range anti aging cream on the market, with an extensive list of ingredients that include creatine (for toning and lifting), resveratrol and green tea (both great antioxidants) and a truly effective moisturizing complex. It leaves your skin glowing and soft, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles and has gained rave reviews worldwide for years. It may not be the newest thing on the market, but sometimes, just like us, it’s the oldies that are the goodies.

Lastly, the final tip for anti aging skin care is to ensure you drink plenty of water and avoid dehydration like the plague. Even if you’re moisturizing and eating perfectly, dehydration can rob you of all your hard work and good intentions, drying out your skin from the inside, Anti aging skin care can be achieved by anyone any age.

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