How to get rid of blackheads? This is a frequently asked question by anyone who likes healthy and beautiful looking skin or anyone who is currently suffering from visible signs of blackheads. First, let’s take a look at what the blackhead is and what causes it.

A blackhead is a yellow or blackish bump or plug on the skin. Contrary to people’s common beliefs, it isn’t caused by poor hygiene! Blackheads are caused by excess sebum and other debris that have accumulated and blocked the skin pores over time. The color of brown or dark brown is due to the substance oxidizes.

Squeezing blackheads is definitely NOT recommended!

How to Get Rid of BlackheadsIt may be the fastest way to get rid of blackheads. However, you have a risk of scarring and irritating your skin or even causing an infection that in some rare cases lead to skin cancer. If you have unusual blackheads that abnormal in size or color, you should seek out a dermatologist or ask a doctor for blackhead treatments or advice as soon as possible.

To get rid of blackheads for good, it takes time and commitment, as it can easily craw back. So it is important to adopt an effective facial cleansing routine to reduce the excess oil in the skin pores and prevent blackheads coming back.


Here are some easy steps to cleanse skin and get rid of blackheads

Facial Wash

Wash your face at least twice a day with a gentle cleanser and warm water. If you have an oily skin type, you should use a formulated pH gel cleanser. This will help to remove excess dead skin cells.


Facial Hygiene

Have a towel for facial wash only and change the towel frequently. Although it is said that blackheads is not caused directly by poor hygiene, but it contributes to the condition. So keeping a separate towel and changing it frequently will reduce the chance of dirt or germs getting on your facial skin. If you are intending to keep the same towel for a while, then ensure the towel is washed and dried properly before each subsequent use.


Facial Steam Treat

After you have washed your face thoroughly, you can use steam to further remove blackheads. To enjoy this treat, you will need a pot or a bowl of hot water, a facial towel and a lemon or some herbs (e.g. cinnamon). First, have the water boiled and removed from stove. Then add lemon or herbs into the water. While the water is hot (not boiling) and steaming, apply the facial towel over your facial area before position your head directly over the steam. If you feel it’s too hot on your skin you can adjust the distance until you feel warm on your skin. Keep the position between 4 – 8 minutes. This will help circulation of the skin enough to expel some blackheads. Wash your face again to remove the expelled debris.


Facial Wrap

If you don’t like the sound of using a facial steam treat, you could use a facial wrap instead and it’s easy to apply as well. Similarly, wash your face thoroughly first. Use hot water (not boiling water) and completely soak your facial cloth in it until the entire towel is soaked. If you use a washing basin, make sure you clean the sink well. While the towel is still hot, quickly give it a twist or two to get rid of excess hot water. Then apply the towel over your facial skin. You can gently press the towel and hold to the area having problem with blackheads for the skin to fully absorb the warmth. The warmth will help the skin pores to open and expel blackheads. Plus it also helps you to reduce tension on your facial muscles. Again, wash your face after this to remove the expelled blackheads. You can repeat this step a few times more to your contentment.


Facial Rejuvenation

Now that you are satisfied with the cleansing, it’s important to know what to do next to maintain the cleanness on your skin. First apply cold water over the facial skin; this will close the skin pores so that dirt will not be getting through the openings easily. Or if you don’t like the cold sensation, you can use toner instead. It works just as well. Next, gently pat dry the skin, and then apply sufficient amounts of moisturizer to lock in the moisture. It is equally important to apply for moisturizer for oily skin type to sooth the dryness. There are products specially formulated for this purpose.


You should complete these steps in one motion to minimize the risk of getting germs or dirt on your facial skin. Repeat this process on a regular basis and you will see the difference. It’s not all that hard to get rid of blackheads and now you know how to, the key is to keep facial skin clean and remove excess oil properly.

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