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“Beauty on the outside creates confidence in the inside.”

Skin Beauty

People have different definitions on what skin beauty is. For some, it could be an even tan while for others it could be a fair skin tone. No matter what your opinion on what beautiful skin is, you will surely agree that uneven tone, pigmentation, age spots, blemishes, sagging and wrinkles are not desirable.

Maintaining the beauty of the skin can be a simple thing to do when you follow a good skincare regimen. There are plenty information about skincare on this website you can choose from and start building your own skincare regimen.

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  1. zanele Ngubane on

    my skin is so blemished in mark and pimple very oil i need a perfect product to sort my skin i hav ebeen trying yo various product but couldnt work please i need your advice

    • Eskinbeauty on

      Hi Zanele, thank you for your comment. I will do my best to help. In my opinion a skincare regiment is a better choice as it will improve your overall skin texture especially for a person has oily skin. As for product recommendation, it is depending on the severity of your existing condition and I think you should see a doctor if you need a medicated product.

      If you are interested in the skin care regiment, you can read on.

      First use a foaming cleanser for oily skin to remove excessive oil. If you are using make up you can also use cleansing milk to remove it in the same wash. Use a 10% alpha hydroxy gel daily to get pimples under control. Only exfoliate if pimples disappear as exfoliation can irritate and make pimples worse. Alternatively, you can apply a clay based facial mask that contains sulfur to reduce the bacteria in the follicles. Spray a low hP toner to balance skin’s hP after a wash or using clay mask. Use a water based moisturizer to avoid blocking the pores. It is important to use sunscreen every day to prevent sun damage caused discoloration.

      Best of luck.


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